Eh one hunter

Eh one hunter So, for example, the majority of sixyear preschool children quite well cope with tasks of this kind There was a frosty winter day.

On the wood there were on skis two hunters.

Evening already approached, and they stopped on rest.

Trampled down snow, put tent, dissolved a fire.

Eh one hunter told now a seagull goryachenky to drink! And around in the wood a lodge, neither the small river, nor a streamlet.

Where to take water for tea And I know that it is necessary to make, that we had tea! the second hunter told and took an empty teapot.

How you think, what the second hunter how it got water for tea made Or Igor played with a ball on an asphalt path.

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For example, instead

For example, instead In a lexicon of somechildren are not present the words mother and father.

They call parents on names, doingthem in a sense equal to all other people.

Family lifeoften loses important elements of rituality which were beforestrukturoobrazuyushchy in a family community.

For example, instead of the familydinners, dinners, evening tea everyone eats one by one when will come orwill want.

Pseudodemocratic representations of parents, momentary ~stvo, absence of understanding of a family as slozhnosostavny integrity, I give ~Russian cabbage soup to the child the first model of human society all this brings toto simplification and spiritual decrease in many parties of family life.

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These difficulties

These difficulties The child feels the new possibilities and loses interest to activity recently involving it.

He starts to aspire to new relationship with adults.

This contradiction also is expressed in the form of crisis old any more does not arrange the child, and new it did not develop yet.

At this time in education of the child there are known difficulties the child negatively reacts to requirements of adults, can show obstinacy, negativism.

These difficulties and as long they last are how great, considerably depends on adults.

They should find and consider in time aspiration of the child to a new kind of activity and relationship and to help it.

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Each time

Each time The banal agnail can be the reason of a swelling of a finger.

In the first year of life the child is exposed to big risk.

He unable to distinguish a problem and to tell about it.

While child small, you his unique protection and support.

Each time when you dress the kid, attentively examine all his body.

Whether there are where swellings, the reddenings, no other changes.

If the kid had an agnail, take manikyurny nozhnichka and accurately it cut off.

In case you did not manage to cope independently with a problem, call the pediatrist.

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For the child

For the child For example, receiving a task to enclose by a zaborchik four lodges so that one lodge the biggest a lodge of a fox it was fenced off from other three lodges less lodges of geese, the child understands that it has no right to rearrange lodges from place to place, adjusting their arrangement to a zaborchik under construction.

For the child the set arrangement of lodges acts as an accurate condition to which there should correspond future zaborchik.

Children who have well mastered a new way of construction of zaborchik, began with arrangement of columns.

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